Kore employs 150 persons. Interestingly, its key employees have been with the company almost since its inception 25 years ago.

At Kore, we believe that, although it is true that the Customer is the treasure of the company, it takes highly motivated and professional staff to make things happen. The demands imposed by a constantly changing market environment on a young and dynamic team have challenged our employees to become the leading professionals in their respective fields.

Kore’s in-house expertise extends to the following fields:

- Purchase of olive oils: contacts with farmers, purchase of the fresh oils, local storage, organoleptic selection, analysis, filtration, refining, blending and conditioning of olive oils

- Logistics of a country-wide olive oil origination network

- Conditioning of olive oils and seed oils

- Distribution of olive oils and other food and non-food products

- Marketing of olive oils and other food and non-food products

- Exports of conditioned olive oil products

- Quality control and traceability