Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: Greek Extra-Virgin Olive Oils are reputed as the best in the world. Kore fully implements a traceability system in compliance with ISO 22000 and can therefore guarantee their origin. Thanks to its country-wide origination network (see the article Beyond the Bottle), Kore can supply constant quality conditioned Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the keenest price given a specific quality set point. As the leading conditioner of Private Labels in Greece, Kore has a very long experience in this line of business and can provide its customers with tailor-made solutions.

Olive Oil: Greece is one of the largest markets for Olive Oil (see the article Common (Mis)conceptions). As the leading Greek supplier of Olive Oil for Private Labels, Kore has learned the art of blending as no other in order to meet customer specifications. Today, Kore advises its customers on different approaches to Olive Oil blends to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Given a specific quality set-point, Kore can deliver conditioned Olive Oil at the keenest price.

Olive Pomace Oil: long neglected, Olive Pomace Oil is making a come-back (see the article Common Mis(conceptions)). Thanks to the quality efforts realized by companies like Kore, many customers world-wide are now enjoying the taste and benefits of Olive Oil at a much more affordable price. Kore provides its clients with full advice on how to approach this product.

Salad Oil: Salad Oil is an interesting niche in many export markets. As the largest Greek bottler of seed oils and the largest Greek bottler of Private Label olive oils, Kore is the best placed company to supply customers with their needs of Salad Oil.