Olea Europea was domesticated in the Eastern Mediterranean around 4000 BC and soon thereafter reached the Greek shores.

To open a bottle of Greek Olive Oil is to pour the Iliad and the Odysseus - 5,000 years of Hellenic culture - on ones salad. And to taste it! There is true genius in a bottle of Greek Olive Oil.

But what is Olive Oil exactly?

For you, the consumer, it is a rather confused product: so many names, so many brands, so many claims …

One thing though is beyond doubt: olive oil which carries the label “virgin” or “extra virgin” is the only oil that is edible from the moment of pressing and that can truly be called a natural product.

In fact, extra virgin olive oil can be compared to wine. Often the best stands next to worst, and prices vary from simple to double and even more. Yet, we all recognize a good wine from a bad one, and we are willing to pay for the difference.

Like a good wine, a good extra virgin olive oil depends on tree variety, soil composition, weather conditions, harvesting and crushing methods. Greece has of course a tradition of thousands of years in all aspects of olive cultivation but what sets it truly apart from the rest of the world is its unique combination of exceptional varieties of trees, soil structures and micro climates.

The truly outstanding quality of Greek extra virgin olive oil has long been recognized by other olive oil producing countries, as witnessed by the large quantities of Greek olive oil they import. These quantities are blended into the local production in order to improve its quality.

Of course, the quality of the genuine Greek extra virgin olive oil will always by far exceed that of any blend or mixture. The information on a label that an extra virgin olive oil is “produced in Greece” or is a “Greek Product” already ensures that the olive oil is of superior quality.

The key to the quality of Kore’s final product lies in the sourcing of its extra virgin olive oils. On the one hand, Kore’s olive oil purchasers have established long term relationships with olive oil producers in the main producing areas of Greece. On the other, the company owns modern storage facilities - equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories - right in or near the production areas, so that the best runs from the mills can be safely stored the moment they are produced. Kore technicians analyze every purchase meticulously and reassess it organoleptically at the moment of delivery. Extra virgin olive oil’s birth is a demanding and passionate affair.

For us at Kore, Greek Olive Oil is more than our specialty, it is our Passion.